Louisiana Grills TG 300 Wood Pellet Grill w/Stainless Lid

Cook up flavorful, wood smoked BBQ in style with the LOUISIANA GRILLS TG 300 TAILGATER WOOD PELLET GRILL W/STAINLESS LID. This powerful STAINLESS STEEL pellet grill is perfect for the camp ground or picnic areas, as well as home entertaining. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a range of cooking options because it employs CONVECTION COOKING FOR EVEN GRILLING RESULTS. The temperature ranges from 180°F to more than 500°F. This allows you to cook your brisket low and slow, while also having the option to broil steaks at higher temperatures.

The LOUISIANA GRILLS TG 300 TAILGATER WOOD PELLET GRILL W/STAINLESS LID has been designed to complement convenience. It includes a bottom shelf for extra storage of your grilling instruments, as well as the mounting capability for a purchasable side shelf to add extra room to your cooking space. The dome thermometer comes standard on this model to allow for precision cooking, whether you want to smoke, sear, grill, or bake your favorite foods. Additionally, its AUTO START ELECTRIC IGNITER is accurate, easy to operate, and dependable to a fault.

The benefits of wood pellet grilling are countless. Perhaps most notable is the added smoked flavor that comes from hardwood grilling. This is especially enhanced by the CHIMNEYLESS DESIGN of the LOUISIANA GRILLS TG 300 TAILGATER WOOD PELLET GRILL W/STAINLESS LID – this smoker has been constructed to force the smoke around the food before exiting through small holes at the back of the grill, giving your food rich BBQ flavor every time. Additionally, because pellets are a clean-burning renewable resource, they also offer an earth-friendly method for outdoor grilling.


  • Durable 14 gauge steel construction
  • 300 sq. in. of cooking area
  • Dome thermometer featuring Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales
  • Arched flavor guard allows for charbroil technique
  • Fan cooled hopper and feed system

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