Broilmaster C3 Independence Charcoal Grill

The BROILMASTER C3 INDEPENDENCE CHARCOAL GRILL allows you to perfect the art of charcoal grilling. The 1/4″ thick cast aluminum hood, combined with twin air intakes helps to regulate the flow of air and maintain a consistent cooking temperature for your burgers, brats and turkey!


  • 442 sq. in. of total cooking area
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum construction
  • Left and right air intake on front panel
  • Rotary, dual function smoke vent on lid
  • Front-access tilt open doors for loading charcoal and emptying slide out ash tray

The BROILMASTER C3 INDEPENDENCE CHARCOAL GRILL can be used with charcoal or briquettes and will help you to get the most out of your fuel. The front loading doors allow you to add fuel or redistribute coals. The ash falls into a slide out pan which pulls out easily for disposal. These components are sealed and constructed of stainless steel with coiled handles for safety. The doors will seal tightly so there will be no worry of heat loss or them opening on their own.

The BROILMASTER C3 INDEPENDENCE CHARCOAL GRILL features twin air intakes on the front panel of the grill and a dual-function top vent, which allows for precise control of temperature and smoke. Because you can control each of these intakes independently, you can MAINTAIN DIFFERENT HEAT LEVELS within the grill.

The precision heat probe indicator reads accurately from 100ºF – 700ºF and can be re-calibrated to ensure consistent results. This probe will be helpful when you are prepping the grill, baking or smoking.

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